Have you ever watched reality TV talent shows and thought to yourself, “I’m a better judge of talent than these people….” Well now you can prove it! Join the cast of “Upstaged,” the game where you are a music mentor competing to form the next big musical trio!

In “Upstaged,” players recruit aspiring artists from a rotatable stage, the centerpiece of which is the game’s small, portable box. Their goal is to form the highest-rated team.

“Upstaged” is for 2-4 players, takes 15-30 minutes to play, and features two modes: Rehearsal Mode for new gamers and Live TV Mode for those ready to engage in more strategic competition.

  • Rotate the stage!
  • Recruit artists!
  • Play in Rehearsal or Live TV mode!

“Upstaged!” Discover the next big musical trio!