Icon is a modular game featuring a rotating turntable as the main component, and just like a DJ, you can add other equipment to the setup to add depth and strategy to the experience so all levels of gamers can become a superstar!

Luck equals opportunity plus preparedness, just like the music business. In Icon, 2-6 players are vying to become the country’s biggest musical superstar by traveling to different cities, gaining opportunities, and making headlines.

How it Started

On Feb. 1, 2017, I had one of those moments. It’s the type of moment where you knew exactly where you were and what you were doing when something life-altering occurred. For many including myself, these moments can involve tragedies like when the Challenger Space Shuttle blew up or 9/11. Luckily for me, these moments also occur when something amazing happens, like the first moment I met my wife (no, it wasn’t at the club and I wasn’t drunk — initially). This type of moment happened for me again when I came up with the idea for Icon, my first board game.

In Icon, luck equals opportunity plus preparedness, just like in the music business! You travel to different cities, gain opportunities, and earn fame. You can use special musical gear to outwit our rivals. In the end. everyone becomes a star, but only one person is crowned an Icon. The game is for 2-6 players, takes about 60 minutes, and is for ages 14 and up.

A unique feature of Icon is the game board itself. The board roughly replicates a DJ setup, complete with a turntable and a mixer with an equalizer and performance buttons. Like a DJ setup, you can mix and match components as you like, creating different experiences that help customize the complexity, competitiveness, and the amount of cutthroat gameplay. In other words, you can scale it down so even young kids can play, or you can make it a twisted world of complicated relationships and backstabbing (too thematic, perhaps? Nah….).

I feel the future is bright for Icon. The theme is relatively unexplored in the world of board gaming. The base system is flexible enough to create many types of expansions, both thematically and mechanically. Most of all, I’m pouring my heart into it, and when you do that with anything in your life, it will always bring out the best in you.

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