About Koalatie

About the Blog

The blog is loosely organized as follows:


These entries and articles will be:

  • Updates on our games.
  • The processes we’re going through in creating games and developing a board game business.
  • Articles and advice we may have for people who are also creating board games,  or have similar projects, or for my future self when I decide to create more games.
  • Reviews of other card and board games, because we like a lot of games!


These will be tips for fellow board game designers. A lot of this will probably be regurgitated advice from others who have tread the path before me, albeit presented as first-hand experience after having tried out that advice ourselves.

Random Updates!

This is stuff we may post that’s not part of the regular schedule. We anticipate this occurring when there’s a convention looming or when we enter a new stage of development for a game.


About Koalatie (and a Little About Myke)

I’ve always been into board and card games, and on February 1, 2017, I decided to create my own. I created my first prototype for Icon two days later and tested it with my young nieces, family, and good friends. To my surprise, it took flight! Since then, it’s been mostly flying with a few crashes here and there, with no burning upon impact.

Since I’ve been playing board games, some friends have asked me why I don’t just create my own as well. I’d often answer that I don’t have any game or theme I’d like to present. To the privileged few, I’d even admit that as a young teenager I tried to create my own board game based on cardboard cutouts I drew myself of comic book characters. I drew somewhere around 50-150 two-inch paper doll characters, all painstakingly colored with pencil then ”laminated” with scotch tape. I even made special tabs out of index cards so they could stand. But when it came to creating the mechanics of the game, that was a continuous crash-and-burn. Plus, I didn’t want anyone to know what I was doing, so I would just play with myself (*get your head out of the gutter*). That was boring and unproductive.

In the years that followed my horizons vastly expanded to include games such as Magic the Gathering. Then, Heroclix came into existence, bringing to life my childhood dream of a comic-book based game featuring an assortment of characters of your choosing, battling each other. I loved the game, but I often sought ways to improve it, like creating character cards for easier tracking and to make it randomizable and draftable. Later, my friends and I got into Star Wars: Epic Duels, a game that was similar, but simpler. Again, we modified the rules to make it more competitive and fair.

Until last year, I hadn’t had an original idea for a board game. Then, one of my good friends was laid off work, and that kind of scared me. I wanted to make sure that if I ever were pushed out of the rat race, I’d have something to fall back on. It had been a while since I had my own business, but I didn’t want to start something in the music business again because that business is, well, screwed up.

Then it hit me. Why not create a game based on making it in the music business?!! What better way to present a theme that I know and am passionate about, all wrapped up in a nice little package where everyone vies to be a superstar while inadvertently (or sometimes on purpose) screwing others over? Icon was born!

Within a week I started my own business and got the paperwork for that going as well. Since then, I’ve found that it’s a type of business that most people have as a “jobby,” so it doesn’t make much money. Oh well. Too late to turn back now. So I gotta at least show I’m making some money off this within a few years before the IRS starts questioning me. I’m hopeful, though. Plus, having that kind of motivation really keeps me more disciplined when handling the business aspects of board game creation.

Now, about a year into the process, I’ve decided it’s the right time to start a blog. This may come as a surprise to many people, but I’m usually a pretty private person. To be honest, the more passionate I am about something, the less I tend to let people know about it. For example, I don’t usually let people I just met know that I am a musician out of the semi-irrational fear that they will either despise me for my talent or demand too much of it. But here I am, and here you are.

Some (including some of the business voices in my own head) argue I should’ve started this sooner. After all, I will be marketing a product. Putting myself out there is the only real way to receive attention. Some argue (the passion-project voices in my head) that I should not start until I genuinely feel like I have something to offer to the community of board gaming. While we can argue which of the voices in my head are correct, the latter of the two groups have won out.

Luckily, I have some really cool people in my life. Some I’ve met by playing card and board games. Others I’ve met serendipitously. One of those people is now my wife. She, and a handful of others, have graciously decided to join me on this journey as part of Koalatie. Hopefully you’ll hear from some of them within this blog soon.

Anyways, on my board-game-creating anniversary, I’d like to say, “Welcome to my blog about Koalatie Games!”