Artist Cards - Cut to Size - 02091825

Genre: Wild
Points: 7
Focus: Wild

Who is Taylor to me?
To me, Taylor is so unique that they represent a little bit of everyone. The card itself reflects that. That’s probably the way it should be. While at first glance unassuming, the truth of the matter is Taylor would make almost any team instantly better. Everyone has more in common with Taylor than they think.

What do I have in common with Taylor?
Hopefully I have a lot in common with Taylor. I do try to put myself in other people’s shoes like I imagine Taylor would, especially when there’s conflicting points of views. I’m not always successful, I’ll admit. But I think it’s important that we find common ground with one another. Doing that can make the world a lot better place.

And that’s really the whole point of this whole exercise over the past few weeks. Finding common ground with people you never thought you’d have something in common with. It’s what brings organizations and teams together. Hopefully it’s something that can bring societies closer together. It is my hope that through Upstaged, people will find common ground in many ways, starting with lots of fun and a love for gaming.

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