Artist Cards - Cut to Size - 02091822

Genre: Rock
Points: 8
Focus: Talent

Who is Samuel to me?
Samuel was actually given his name by my nieces. I think one of them had a classmate named Samuel, to which I remarked, “So this is not your dad? (their father’s name is Sam).” At that point during development, we had 5-point singers, and Samuel was one of them. They promised that they would name another artist “Sam” after their dad and make him a  “10.” They forgot. Lol.

What do I have in common with Samuel?
If we are talking about the Samuel who no longer exists (the 5-point Samuel), then I can relate to a degree. When I went off to grad school, I felt like I fell off the map to most of my family and friends — I ceased to exist. But like Samuel, I had to do what it takes to make a career and life for myself, even if it meant leaving the area and my former life for almost three years.

If we’re talking about the Samuel who is my brother-in-law, then we have a lot in common! He’s in the board games too. But strangely we haven’t gone together lately to play much. All good. His daughters help me out with the game.

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