Artist Cards - Cut to Size - 02091824

Genre: Rock
Points: 10
Focus: Image

Who is Mya to me?
Maya is a superstar who came from nothing and is now at the top of her game. Growing up, everyone pronounced her name wrong. She also was sort of a tomboy since she grew up around a bunch of boys. Both those things kinda toughened her up and put a chip on her shoulder. She turned that tougher attitude into music through songwriting and is looking to break into the big time through Upstaged!

What do I have in common with Mya?
I grew up around a bunch of girls, so in a strange way, I can relate to her. I think that helped make me a little more in touch with my emotions. I’ve probably channeled that into becoming a songwriter. I always tell people that songs are usually the exaggerated expression of emotions you feel and situations you go through. However, being a songwriter has never panned out as a career, but maybe it will for Mya.

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