Artist Cards - Cut to Size - 020918

Genre: Country
Points: 6
Focus: Talent

Who is Marty to me?
Marty is that dude that just loves to be alive. He’s seen and done it all. Now, thanks to his natural creative talents, he happens to find himself on the musical stage. Early in his career he was more of an actor. Who knew that in the future he would become a musical star.

 What do I have in common with Marty?
I feel like I have many creative talents. I’ve always loved artistic things. And I can become pretty decent at a lot of them. However, like Marty, sometimes I end up on a big stage that I never really thought I’d be on or wanted to be on. Like those weird times I was pulled into acting. Thankfully, I haven’t let self-consciousness deny me the opportunity to explore those different things. And I don’t care if I am a lowly “6” at some of these artistic things. I’m just happy to be alive and doing them competently enough.

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