Artist Cards - Cut to Size - 0209183

Genre: Country
Points: 8
Focus: Image

Who is Maddie to me?
To me, Maddie is that very talented young person that loves the limelight. However, she still finds it weird when she sees herself on TV, or even in the mirror. Being so young, she does tend to hide behind her guitar a bit when the limelight does get too bright.

What do I have in common with Maddie?
Like Maddie, I tend to hide behind my instrument when I perform. I think I’ve mentioned before that I have stage fright. As a piano player, there is a physical object between me and the audience, and that helps me a lot. I’m able to channel what I want to get across not just through my voice while I’m singing, but through my fingers. More importantly, I feel that my piano skills are much stronger than my vocal skills. So, whenever my voice begins to do strange things during a show, I know my piano skills will can still carry the performance. Usually. Haha.

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