Artist Cards - Cut to Size - 02091823Jayson
Genre: Rock
Points: 9
Focus: Talent

Who is Jayson to me?
To me, Jason is a crooner wrapped up in an emo body and outfit. He likes singing those love songs, but sometimes society deems that he has to disguise it as emo because that is what is popular at the moment. Kind of sucks for Jason, to be something he’s not in order to be who he really wants to be. But he makes it work.

What do I have in common with Jayson?
I feel a little bit like Jason sometimes. Maybe we all do. For those of us that have to put on a uniform or have a certain dress code for work, maybe you feel me on this. For example, there was one job where I had to shave completely in order to be “presentable.” Personally, I think I look like a little kid when I shave completely, and look way more distinguished and can be taken seriously more with my salt and pepper beard. But I got used to it. Them’s the rules. There was another job where I had to wear a tie and coat. However, I’ll admit, I sweat like no one else’s business when I’m wearing a tie. I decided not to wear tie for that job. I did get some slack for it. But it’s better than always sweating around the people that I’m trying to help and not being able to concentrate on my job. Maybe society will catch up someday — let you look the way you look and accept you for who you are, not what you look like, so you can do your job, or whatever you were meant to do, properly. Maybe.


Artist Cards - Cut to Size - 02091826Hayden
Genre: Wild
Points: 7
Focus: Wild

Who is Hayden to me?
Hayden is that wild child from the 80’s that’s not afraid to rock the really long Jheri Curl, even to this day. Some would say that Hayden is extremely out of place. I beg to differ. I think that Hayden is so unique that they can fit in with any group, any time, any situation, and make everything better. Never, never ever, never ever ever ever underestimate the power of Hayden!

What do I have in common with Hayden?
Man. So much. Though I didn’t use the actual Jheri Curl activator, when I used to use hair spray and gel on my hair when I was young, it would get that curly. I miss that curl. So springy! Also, some would say that I don’t fit in anywhere. By “some,” I probably mean, “I.” Haha. But that’s okay. I feel that anywhere I have managed to land and create a place for myself, I have been able to make people’s lives better. Or at least make them smile once in a while. Never underestimate the power of Myke!


Artist Cards - Cut to Size - 02091817Harmony
Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B
Points: 9
Focus: Talent

Who is Harmony to me?
Harmony is sporty, and her love of sports has also made her the ideal teammate. She’s able to compliment anyone and help them to shine to their fullest potential. However, that does not mean that Harmony can’t have the limelight to herself. Harmony is the epitome of talent, and when required to take over the show, she does so with full confidence in her abilities.

What do I have in common with Harmony?
I like to think that I am a powerful force that is able to help others excel in what they do. Someone who is able to compliment other people’s strengths so that we can succeed in ways that are greater than the sum of our parts. However, I also hope that, like Harmony, when required to take the lead, I’m able to rise to the occasion and carry my load, and even the load of others when necessary. You know, be a great teammate and an able leader at the same time. At least, that’s what I strive to have in common with Harmony.


Artist Cards - Cut to Size - 0209186Jaycee
Genre: Country
Points: 10
Focus: Talent

Who is Jaycee to me?
Jaycee is a superstar! He welcomes his fans with open arms, with a true heart and true intentions that no other can match. He focuses on what his talent can do for the lives of others. As a result, people look up to him as an example of what it means to live a life not only as the ideal artist, but as a loving, accepting, caring being.

What do I have in common with Jaycee?
I hope I have more in common with Jaycee than I even know. I’d like to think I have a caring, welcoming heart. I’d like to think I can use my gifts to spread joy and promote shared experiences. Overall, while I know that pretty much none of us can truly live up to the example that Jaycee may set, it never hurts to give it a wholehearted try.  That’s all that someone like Jaycee would want us to do, right?


Artist Cards - Cut to Size - 02091820Jake
Genre: Rock
Points: 7
Focus: Talent

Who is Jake to me?
To me, Jake is such a Rock rebel that he refuses to dress like the typical Rocker in any way. It’s hard to even categorize Jake and his style, which suits him just fine. After all, he’s focused more on his craft than his image.

What do I have in common with Jake?
I feel for Jake. While I’m not really much of a rebel, I feel people have tried to categorize me, and a lot of times they miss the mark completely. Which, in the end, is okay by me these days since I too am focused more on my creative crafts than my image. My style of dress to this day is off from the popular norm. Some of that is due to my size, some of that is due to the fact that I prioritize comfort over looks. Perhaps comfort is the priority of Jake as well, as we see him wearing his tie loosely. Then again, if he prioritizes comfort, why wear a tie? Is this like meta rebel stuff? Am I using “meta” right?


Artist Cards - Cut to Size - 0209184Elliot
Genre: Country
Points: 8
Focus: Talent

Who is Elliot to me?
Elliot is as down home and simple as they come. But that’s alright, because he lets his talent do the talking for him. No flashy clothes. No fancy hairstyle. No gimmicks. Just pure, unadulterated talent and a genuine appreciation for his fans.

What do I have in common with Elliot?
Like Elliot, when it comes to my personal appearance, I like to keep it simple. There was a time when I rocked a big fluffy fro and tried to dress to impress. However, all that work on image takes away time and effort that could go into honing your craft and your true self. I’d like to think that these days, in terms of image, I’m keeping it as simple as Elliot.


Artist Cards - Cut to Size - 0209188Daniel
Genre: Pop
Points: 7
Focus: Image

Who is Daniel to me?
Ha! Well this is strangely awesome. When I see Daniel, he reminds me of one of my good friends, Dan. He’s a tall Asian man with a heart that shines like a diamond. The power of suggestion is strong in this card, because physically speaking, my friend Dan doesn’t have that haircut. But we could get my friend Dan a wig. Yeah. We’ll get him a wig.

(disclaimer: The Daniel in Upstaged is not my friend, Dan. My nieces named about half of these characters, so the Daniel they were thinking of was probably one of their friends).

What do I have in common with Daniel?
Well, I have a lot in common with Daniel because of my real-life friend. Therefore, I would say Daniel and I have in common the love of music. Back in the day, we even wrote a song together called, “Drama.” Yeah. It was a pretty depressing song about infidelity. I think our friend, James, made it even darker by changing the last line from, “Goodbye,” to, let’s just say something more morbid that rhymes. Yeah. Good song, but it sure was a buzz kill during gigs. Haha.


Artist Cards - Cut to Size - 02091816
Genre: Hip-Hop/R&B
Points: 8
Focus: Talent

Who is Bella to Me?
Bella is attitude personified. She’s tall and carries herself with a lot of confidence, which can make her intimidating at times. Though what really makes her stand out is her musical ability. She’s a talented presence that doesn’t demand attention — she just naturally receives it.

What do I have in common with Bella?
I’ve heard that I can be intimidating at times because of my natural physical stance and the way that I look. Though I wish I could pull it off like Bella in a positive way.  I’ve also been told that I carry myself with confidence in the spotlight. In general, I’m pretty sure I have solid musical talent though I’m not one that likes being in the spotlight. But if I could somehow find a way to effortlessly receive attention for my music, that would be cool.  Haha.


Artist Cards - Cut to Size - 0209182Amelia
Genre: Country
Points: 7
Focus: Image

Who is Amelia to me?
To me, Amelia is someone who has a lot of potential but is only beginning to tap into it. As a Country artist focused on image, Amelia seems to have keen fashion sense. She even wears an earring in the shape of a star, so that signals to me that stardom is her ultimate goal. Though it makes me wonder if the pursuit of stardom is not letting her explore her talent more. She can sing, play guitar, and maybe she can even write decent country songs.

What do I have in common with Amelia?
Well, this is strange. As an artist myself, I believe I am a formidable force as a piano player and songwriter, and I have learned to become adept at using my singing voice to maximize my potential. However, early in my music career in my youth, my main pursuit was to become an overall force in the industry. Perhaps I should’ve explored my talent more in my youth and really focused on the music and songwriting rather than trying to be everything all at once.

Shadows of Inclusivity: Why We are Using Silhouettes for Our Artwork

box-15_125x125x30-1_v2_RAINBOW - 08-12-18

Inclusivity has become a buzzword in the board game industry, even more so given the current sociopolitical climate of the country and the world. Historically, the industry has been dominated by white, middle-aged males. Thankfully, I’d say that most are trying to be more inclusive, which has been very much appreciated. Lately, women and people of color (POC’s) have taken great strides in the industry. But as the pendulum swings towards inclusivity, there are low grumblings here and there, mainly behind the “safety” of computer screens, that perhaps it is swinging too far the other way. While I personally disagree as a POC myself, it is also incumbent of me as a human being in general to do my best not to ignore or disrespect anyone’s point of view. I mean, that’s one of the main reasons we are where we are today, right? Consequently, all this helped to inform our team’s decision to use silhouettes to represent people in Upstaged and Icon — so everyone can see who they want to see for themselves in the games. Continue reading Shadows of Inclusivity: Why We are Using Silhouettes for Our Artwork