Look for the Cool Blue Crew!

T-Shirt frontI’m not the best marketer in the world, by far. In fact, I’d say that I’m subpar. It’s because I don’t necessarily like the limelight, and I’m not very good at tooting my own horn (man, that’s a weird saying). Since I’m not great at talking about myself, I figure one of the best ways to get the word out is by letting my fashion sense do the talking. Hence, new Koalatie Icon T-shirts!

Though Icon isn’t scheduled to come out until right when Upstaged is shipping late next year, it by far is our flagship game. Plus, the logo, in my opinion, is just cool and universal. We tried to pick a color that was universal for both male and female, and would also stand out in a crowd. Also, in a crowded board game and T-shirt market, we figured we’d keep ours simple yet striking, but hopefully not in-your-face.

Overall, we wanted to have a shirt that we could wear to events, was comfortable and classy, and is even something that could be worn casually without being too billboard-y (I like making up words). While we could have just gone with a general Koalatie shirt with our logo, I just felt that it would not be able to be worn as much on a casual basis.

If we’re lucky, maybe people will even want to buy the shirt! Though I doubt it. Haha.

Anyways, be on the lookout for us at these upcoming events in the playtesting areas!

  • Unpub Mini at The Guild House in Bellflower, CA on Saturday, 11/10/18
  • PAX Unplugged (Unpub / Proto Alley) in Philadelphia, PA at the Philadelphia Convention Center from Friday, 11/30/18 to Sunday, 12/2/18.T-Shirt back



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