Unpub Mini at The Guild House

When: Saturday, November 10th from 11am to 9pmUnpub mini

Where: The Guild House, 16631 Bellflower Blvd, Bellflower, CA 90706

On Saturday, November 10th, Koalatie Games, in conjunction with Axenic Games and The Guild House, will be hosting an Unpub Mini playtesting event! These type of events enable board game designers to test out their latest games in order to tweak and improve them. The event runs from 11am – 9pm at The Guild House in Bellflower, CA, and after each of the four sessions, we will hold a raffle for sweet board games and other awesome prizes. Best of all, the event is FREE to both playtesters and designers.

The Way it Works

The Guild HouseIf you’re a playtester, just show up to the Guild House on the day of the event! Check in at the registration table where you will get a name tag. Then, go to one of eight tables to help the designers test their new ideas! If you have trouble figuring out what game to play, the Koalatie Games staff will help you find a game! If you get hungry, there are snacks available at the store and a multitude of local restaurants in the area to check out as well. The event will have four official sessions that run for two hours and fifteen minutes where designers will present one of their games for testing. Of course, not every game takes that long, so there will probably be games that you can jump in at every so often.

Axenic GamesIf you’re a designer, sign up to test your game at http://unpub.axenicgames.com. The deadline to sign up is Oct. 31st, and we will release a schedule on Nov. 3. From there, make sure you have a prototype of your game(s) ready to go. Also, if you wish, bring some materials that may help you describe and promote your game, such as a sales sheet, small table signage, and so forth. Then show up and have fun!


Koalatie’s Role

We will be be your ushers at Unpub! If you have any questions about what to play, the schedule, where the bathrooms are, etc., we are there to help!

Also, we will be showcasing and playtesting our upcoming games, Upstaged and Icon! If you’ve been to this blog, you’ve probably heard of them. If not, click around the blog to find out a lot more!



At the end of each session we will hold a raffle for various board games and other prizes. Special thanks go out to Mayday Games, Brotherwise Games, and the Guild House for donating games and other items as prize support!

Entering the raffle is simple. Go to a table where they are playtesting a game, sit down, and play the game! You will get one ticket simply for playing the game. Designers will also allot tickets to playtesters at their own discretion. For example, some may decide that if you win the game, you get an extra ticket! Others may want your written feedback, so the designer may offer to give you an extra raffle ticket for filling out a survey! Designers are creative people, so we’re sure that there will be plenty of tickets to go around. From there, write your name on the back of the ticket and turn it in at the raffle table.

Anyways, as the event draws near we will be updating you with more exciting news and details. To stay up to date with the latest happenings, visit the Facebook Event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/1098647216966530/.  And let us know if you’re going so we can plan accordingly. Thanks, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there!



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