What’s in a Name, Part 2: Drop the Mic?

Microphone 2Part 1 of this little set of blog posts discussed probably the most significant thing that has happened to Koalatie Games in the past few weeks. We have changed the name of the game Center Stage to Upstaged! Today, we discuss what seems like a little issue, but I’m wondering if it will have implications in the future. Here’s the issue. Should we drop the exclamation point at the end of the name, “Upstaged!?”

upstaged_logoThe new logo of the game features the exclamation point as an upside down microphone. We thought it would be a nice touch for a couple reasons. First, Upstaged! is a music-themed game. Second, the whole point of the game screams “drop the mic.” The singers in the game are supposed to impress the mentors (you, the players) with their supposed vocal prowess. Furthermore, if you get into the rambunctious, role playing aspect of the game, you will find yourself acting out as the judges often do on popular reality TV show like American Idol, The Voice, and The Four. Sometimes, those judges get the last word and upstage the contestants.

However, from a practical standpoint, it’s annoying to put the exclamation point every time you write Upstaged! For one, if the title is in the middle of a sentence, grammar check on many programs think you’re starting a new sentence. Second, if you were to search for the game online, would you think of putting the exclamation point? Would it matter much? Depends on the database you’re using and how exact they want you to be. Along the lines of that train of thought, as we register a website for Upstaged!, would it feel inconsistent to not put the exclamation point?

All of this probably isn’t a big deal. However, when creating products like this, the details count. No matter if you look at it from a marketing angle or from an artistic angle, you want to be consistent. Anyone out there have any opinions on the matter?


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