Now Presenting…


  • Make your game look presentable
  • Present in a functional way
  • Make sure you yourself are presentable

Last night I participated in my first Publisher Speed Dating event as one of the potential game designer bachelors. I had signed up for the event, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to go through with it, because we are still looking into whether or not we want to go it alone, go through a publisher, or somewhere in between. My team convinced me to go through with it just to see what’s out there. So yes, my wife pushed me out into the dating world again. Luckily, I had enough on me to still be date-able (is that a word? “Datable?” “Datatable?”

Make Your Game Look Presentable

This time I’m not actually talking about how your actual prototype looks. I’m just talking about how you lay it on the table. As you can see in the picture above, I tried to lay out the components in a casually appealing way since it is a casual game. As you can also see, my backpack is in the picture. But I took a picture so I could do a final check. Yes, I put my backpack under the table. How you set up your components to make them look “good” is up to you and your own aesthetic tastes, but as long as you feel they are presented in a way that looks good and makes you feel confidence in the game, that feeling should translate easily during your presentation.

Present in a Functional Way

Whether you’re giving a demo or a quick pitch, make sure you set up your components in such a way that it’s easy to explain things and give them examples at the same time. For example, I kept most of the cards away from the center playing board in my game because it rotates. If I had to move a stack of cards before rotating the stage, it could break my flow.

Make Sure You Yourself Look Presentable

I hate dressing up. I hate shaving. But I did both for this occasion. Some people even go as far as wearing suit and tie to stand out, or wear other things. I wasn’t willing to go that far, though it’s not an entirely bad idea. I just made sure I looked neat, had on a nice shirt, pants, and a smile.


No matter if it’s giving demos, playtesting with strangers, speed dating, (real dating), or anything where you show your game, just remember to bring your best foot forward whenever possible.


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