My Voice is Sexier Than Usual

People sometimes comment that I have a deep voice. Once in a while, some people think it’s sexy! (Personally, I think I sound very odd). The past two days it has been in deep bass overdrive thanks to all the talking I’ve been doing at Protospiel San Jose and now, GAMA.

I’ll keep this short and sweet for now since I have to rest my voice and rest in general. Things have been going well, I’m meeting lots of cool people and friends, and I’ve been very impressed at how friendly everyone in the industry is. I’m really tired, though.

Center Stage and Icon have been doing well. I’ve come to realize that they are solid games that work and elicit the type of experience I want, though they may not be games that appeal to everyone. For example, they don’t seem to appeal to game designers who like more strategy and less casual games. All good. They’re not supposed to. However, it is those same game designers that have been instrumental in providing feedback to smooth out some rough edges that the casual gamer/playtester have not noticed. Yeah. Such an awesome learning process and experience.

Anyways, gotta hit the sack and prepare for another 12 hours of fun!


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